What is Reflexology?

In a nutshell, reflexology is an ancient drug-free therapy used in many cultures around the globe.

The reflexologist uses thumb and finger pressure on specific points on the feet or hands (sometimes even the ears) to ‘gain access’ to all parts of the body (represented in the foot or hand), energetically balancing, stimulating or calming all the body’s organs and systems.

The physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being are all open to the assistance provided by reflexology.

Our bodies respond to reflexology by relaxing deep tension, increasing circulation and relieving many impairments like sports injuries; long-term back and neck pain; asthma; migraine; PMT; allergies; constipation; reflux; gout; depression; anxiety; stress and many others too numerous to mention here.

If you’d like to know whether your ailment will benefit from reflexology, Suzanne Gibbs at Reflexology 4U will gladly advise you.

Reflexology is known to benefit people of all ages, and all states of health. Whether a person is ultra-fit or terminally ill, professional reflexology treatments can make a difference.

Reflexology helps the body’s inbuilt healing processes to eliminate toxins, promote lymph drainage, balance digestive disorders and strengthen the immune system – to mention only a few.

Reflexology charts are many and varied. A trained reflexologist will use these as a guide only. Your therapist will identify reflex points on your feet. Training and the treatment of many pairs of feet fine-tune the practitioner’s touch and awareness. It also ensures a wonderfully beneficial treatment and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

If you’d like to talk to Suzanne about the benefits of visiting her clinic, give her a call on 03 981 2004, e-mail reflexology4U@paradise.net.nz or use the contact form.