A warm welcome to Reflexology 4U.

The ancient practice of reflexology is a proven drug-free therapy used in many cultures throughout the world. It is beneficial in the treatment of most ailments, or simply to induce deep relaxation and help with stress management.

Suzanne Gibbs is a NZ-registered reflexology practitioner with in-depth knowledge and 15 years’ experience in the relief of all kinds of ailments using reflexology. She specialises in problems associated with fertility and pregnancy.

Regular reflexology during pregnancy aids delivery and babies are often born much calmer.

In the quiet comfortable surroundings of her home-based Reflexology 4U clinic in Sydenham Christchurch, Suzanne provides a unique space to achieve physical, emotional and mental comfort.

Suzanne believes, “health is not simply the absence of disease” it’s an “inner joyfulness, a state of positive wellbeing” that should and can be yours all the time!

Suzanne offers other proven therapies in her clinic: Metamorphosis – a timeline therapy used on the feet – and Jin Shin Jyutsu – a pressure point therapy applied not only to the feet, but various parts of the body.

Being a medium, Suzanne uses this special gift to enhance the benefits of your session.

In today’s busy world, it’s important to make time for complete relaxation to allow one’s body to heal itself.

Put your feet in Suzanne’s experienced hands and start enjoying all the feel-good benefits.

Aside from Reflexology Suzanne Gibbs is also an accredited agent for Insta-mold custom-made earplugs developed by Earmold Australia – leading hearing and occupational health providers. ion.